Chicks after ten days

ten days old

They are growing like crazy! And definitely eating loads. I’ve continued to give them fresh-cut grass/flowers and gravel; they always love that and gobble it up immediately. No worms yet, but I should try it soon.

I am fortunate to have them all still alive, although it has required several “cleanings”. There is a condition called 'pasting up' where poo gets stuck to the outside of their vent (bum) and then they can’t evacuate any waste at all; it just backs up inside them until their system can’t handle it any more. I’ve had to clean one of them a few times and a couple others once or twice. Hopefully they grow out of that soon.

They definitely do not like being handled and are very easily frightened. At the same time, they will adjust to having you around after only a few seconds if you are still and quiet. Interesting birds for sure :)


Bryce said...


Very cool blog! I am fascinated by, and jealous of, the ability to grow/raise your own food! It's just not an option for me right now due to my job and location, but a few years down the road, I'd love to do stuff like raise my own chickens!

I'm adding you to my blogroll, and I look forward to seeing more updates about the chicks!


Jedidja said...

Thanks, Bryce :) Always great to know that people are interested in where their food comes from and how it is raised.

Just checked out your latest blog post - love all the pics and descriptions of food. Amazing fitness goals from your sidebar; definitely would leave to reach that point. You should check out too -- she's got a list of fitness achivements she is knocking off one at a time (and has a video diary too).

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