Chickens start acting like chickens!

I'm happy to say that the chickens made it through their first night in the pen safe and sound. I went out around 3am to move them away from the side (they were sleeping right up against the netting), but luckily nothing had happened before then.

This morning I moved the pen (well, dragged..the wheels are definitely not working) to its new location, and they immediately started pecking for food. It was very rewarding to see :)


Methuselah said...

Like the soundtrack!

I am going to revisit all your posts more detail when I have time. There's no chance we'll be keeping chickens any time soon since we live in an apartment. But we want to. So I want to understand the challenges involved. It's great that you are documenting your experiences here.

Jedidja said...

Thanks :) Will try to describe the experience as much as possible. If you have any questions, just ask :)

Bryce said...

This progress is so great to watch, J! I can't believe how quickly they grow, and it must be such a cool and rewarding experience to watch them develop.

Keep it up man! I'd love to hear the tabulations, once you're all done, of every thing you spent, and your total profits off of these roasters.


Jedidja said...

They are already at the annoying stage; looking forward to eating them :) Will write a post about why soon.

I'm keeping all the receipts and any data in general to do a comprehensive post in late July / early August.

There will be zero profit; they are just for me to eat and give to friends - and perhaps to see if there is a possibility for raising them for profit in future :)

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