Make your voice heard!

CalorieKing sent out an article this morning with the following opening paragraph:

"A liter of Coke, a bag of Doritos, a jar of honey-roasted peanuts, a package of Chips Ahoy, half a chocolate cake and a tub of ice cream. No, that’s not Kirstie Alley’s weekend shopping list. It’s the synopsis of someone’s latest binge – maybe yours."

For a site that is supposed to be supportive of people trying to lose weight, this isn’t exactly the best way to go about it. Kimmy wrote about it in more detail here, and also on the website’s message boards. The ‘binge support’ group already has 17 responses – here is a sampling:

Done in very bad taste......Shame on CK.

Couldn't agree more. It was a very mean and unnecessary thing to write about someone.

Definitely shocking and in bad tasted coming from CK

I’m curious to see what their eventual response is (if any) – this is the kind of publicity a site would probably rather not get. Well done, Kimmy :) Keep up the fight!


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